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    President's Message for November

    Hi Everyone,

    Some exciting news - we have three new L Judges in our area for schooling shows! The new L Judges are Cynthia Begay, Laurel Peters and Daniel Leidy. The L Program is a huge time and financial commitment (with no guarantee of passing the final tests). We are so proud of our new judges. Congratulations!

    The NMDA Board has been busy! We have a date and some exciting plans for the Member Appreciation & Awards Banquet - January 24, 2015 at Tanoan Country Club in Albuquerque. More to come later, but save the date - you won't want to miss this event! This is our annual Member Event - this is not just for Award Recipients. Remember to save your volunteer vouchers so you may trade them in for raffle tickets at the Banquet ($5 per ticket, so you get 2 per voucher). We promise to have lots of great raffle prizes for you to choose from.

    This year the board has made some changes to the Year End Awards Criteria that will take place in 2015. (These changes do NOT affect this year's Awards).

    1. Beginning in 2015, to qualify, two scores from the highest test of the level will be used in averaging each rider's final score (in previous years only one was required). The other score may be from any test at that level.
    2. Starting with the Champions in 2015, a horse/rider combination that wins Champion at a level, regardless of division (e.g. A/A, Open, etc.) can not win another Award at that level again.
    3. In 2015 NMDA will no longer "recognize" other organizations' schooling show results for NMDA Year End Awards. Only NMDA sponsored schooling shows and the NMDS Rated shows in Albuquerque will count toward NMDA Year End Awards.
    4. NMDA is considering a Special Year End Award for Junior Equitation.

    It has become increasingly difficult to keep track of scores, especially from other organizations. We are hoping these changes will help keep the focus on simplicity, quality and keep the ride numbers high at NMDA schooling shows.

    We have a tentative schedule for NMDA 2015 Schooling Shows. Those dates will be posted some time this month on the calendar. The first clinic of the year will be the Pilates for Dressage® Clinic on June 1,2,3 at Horses Unlimited in Albuquerque. There are plans in the works for another clinic and possibly a Horse Fair. Please contact me, or any board member or chair person if you have suggestions or ideas for future events.

    The new 2015 USEF Dressage Tests are out! You can view/download them by clicking here . NMDA will send a 2015 test booklet to you with your 2015 GMO renewal.

    Here is a fun link to a test written as if by a horse

    Happy Thanksgiving!


New Mexico Dressage Association is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of New Mexico. NMDA is also a Group Member Organization of USDF. The organization's purpose is to promote the understanding of dressage and to develop skill and excellence in its use, as well as to encourage, promote and conduct exhibitions, shows, clinics and other events by which interested people may develop their potential as riders and train their horses to the extent of their capabilities. Privileges of membership include but are not limited to participation in the organization's activities and receiving the Test Book.
Members also become group members of USDF.

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