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New Mexico Dressage Association
Schooling Show Results
for 2009 - 2018

      • May 13, 2018 NMDA Recognized Show at Expo New Mexico

      • April 29, 2018 NMDA Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • March 25, 2018 NMDA Schooling Show at Edgewood Arena

          Beautiful Edgewood day to have a show. Thank you to Judge, Barbara Burkhart, and volunteers Winnie, Gina, Scott, Kathleen, and Judy.
          High Point Classical- Maureen Mestas on Apollo HCF with 65.365%
          High Point Western- Nance McManus on Jolie with 73.260%

      • November 12, 2017 NMDA Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • September 3, 2017 NMDA Schooling Show at Roy-El Morgan Farm, Española

          A big thank you to Erlene and Staff of Roy-El Farm for hosting this show on a bright sunny day. Thank you's also extend out to our judge, Barabara Burkhardt; scribe, Anne Bresson; test runner/scorer/caller, Julie Wilson; gate persons', Amie Johnson & Leslie Kelch; food vendor, Loretta Mendoza & family; and Photographer, Todd Steckley

      • June 11, 2017 NMDA Schooling Show at Trinity Ranch

          A big thanks goes out to Cat, Tim, and Emily: the team at Trinity Ranch, for such a lovely venue to which we look forward to returning for future events. Our Judge, Sarah Martin, did a fantabulous job including giving great feedback to some of our riders. Lastly we cannot forget our most wonderful die hard volunteers: Winnie (scoring and show office), Cindy W.(scribing), Gina (Warm up ring and food), and Scott (Grillmeister!)

      • May 21, 2017 NMDA Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • April 23, 2017 NMDA Schooling Show at Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena

          Incredible weather, nice people, and talented horses made this another great show at one of our favorite venues. Great thanks to our judge,Catherine Soller! Thanks to all the participants and the volunteers: John Collins, Shad Hunter, and Barbara Burkhardt for arena set up; Winnie Fitch (secretary) and Cindy Kavan-Winfield for scoring; Scribe - Ann Bresson; Announcer- Gina McKay; Gate - Cindy Randall; Runner - Scott McKay. Thank you to Tractor Supply for the donations awarded to our high point winners!
          Congratulations to the High Point Winners:
          Classical AA, Darbie Cummings-Hurst: 71.296%
          Classical Youth, Katija Blass: 63.863%
          WD AA, Barbara Burkhardt: 67.380 %

      • March 26, 2017 NMDA/PDNDS Combined Show at Enchanted Horse Dressage

          What a great show we had with fantastic weather and turn out traveling from many locations such as Santa Fe, Edgewood, El Paso, Las Cruces, Datil, etc . Many thanks to Ellie for coming out and judging. We also would liked to thank Edie Windham for scribing the whole day all while recovering from a cold. A big thank you goes out the Paso Del Norte Dressage Society for working together with us and also supplying the arena. We also would like to extend our gracious thanks to Dave of Specialized Saddles in Cantutillo, TX for donating beautiful custom western stirrups as the WD High Point Award. Lastly, we?d like to thank Enchanted Horse Dressage and their team for supplying a great facility, food, and volunteers including: Deb King (test runner,scorer), Jane Kinceniuk (scorer and arena set up), Lisa Phillips (arena set up and photographer), Gale Crawford (announcer, gate person, and WDAA regulation official), and Connie French. This show wouldn't have been possible with out your all of your help and sunny smiles.

      • November 13, 2016 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • October 23, 2016 Albuquerque Equestrian Cup Show

          NMDA helped support the Albuquerque Equestrian Cup by providing a small schooling show for the equestrian entertainment. We were able to promote and educate the general public about dressage. The viewers were very interested and enjoyed the show!

          Thanks to the the producers and sponsors of this charitable event for hosting us! Also thanks to our judge, Barbara Burkhardt and Volunteers: Scribe, Jackie Cronenberg; Scorer, Winnie Fitch; Runner, Lisa Manzanares; Gate, Ann Schubert; Arena Setup & tear down, Members of the Rotary Club, Barbara Burkhardt, Roger Winfield, Cindy Kavan-Winfield, John Collins.

          Big congratulations go out to the High Point cash winners:
          Teresa Heine, Classsical Dressage Adult Amateur, with a score of 73.000%!
          Katija Blass, Youth, with a score of 65.681!
          Julie Wilson, Western Dressage Adult Amateur, with a score of 64.594!

      • September 24, 2016 Schooling Show at Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena

          Incredible fall weather, nice people, and talented horses made this another great show at one of our favorite venues. Thanks to our Judge, Laurel Peters - especially for coming such a long way to support our show! Thanks to all the participants and the volunteers: Arena Set Up; Karen Page, Lily Luman, Charlene Strickland, Teresa Heine, Barbara Burkhardt, Roger Winfield, Cindy Kavan-Winfield. Scribe; Ann Bresson. Scorers; DJ Collins & Winnie Fitch. Announcer; Gina McKay. Gate; Lee Davis-Wahl. Runner; Lisa Manzanares. Arena Tear Down; Lee Davis-Wahl, Barbara Burkhardt, John Collins, Charlene Strickland, Lisa Manzanares. Wow, what a great team!

          Congratulations to the High Point Winners who received a gift card for Dan's Boots & Saddles:
          Classical Dressage AA, Teresa Heine with a score of 68.886%
          Classical Dressage Junior, Katija Blass with a score of 64.442%
          Western Dressage AA, Nance McManus with a score of 66.724%

      • September 18, 2016 Schooling Show at Los Alamos, NM

      • August 14, 2016 Schooling Show at Roy-El Morgan Farm, Española, NM

          Fabulous exhibitors, wonderful volunteers, perfect weather, a lovely venue and excellent food concession made for a successful show! Special thanks go out to the judge, Barbara Burkhardt; scribe, Ann Bresson; runner, Victoria Egensteiner; and scorers, Catherine Conran and Cindy Kavan-Winfield.

      • June 12, 2016 Schooling Show at Bryan Farm

      • April 2, 2016 Schooling Show at Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena

          The April schooling show and clinic was highlighted by being the first Western Dressage Association of America recognized show in New Mexico. New Mexico's show is in the first ten in the US to be recognized. It was a treat to work with our professional judge and clinician Renee Johnson from California. The schooling show scheduled more than 50 rides and the clinic had been booked over a month ago. Thank you to Rusty Cook for being our required C2 for the day. It sure is nice to have a C2 locally for our shows.

          Obviously none of this would happen without an experienced troop of reliable volunteers: Barbara Burkhardt, Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Roger Winfield, DJ Collins, and Winnie Fitch.

          Cierra Kuiper, super thanks for the extra mileage you drove to help get the show boxes TO our show and THEN to the next show site. Thanks too for being so flexible with running and back gate and whatever came up.

          Ready-to-Roll food truck made GREAT food!Rumor is they will be at the Pilates Clinic too!

          Congratulations to our 3 high score winners: Julie Wilson riding Western Dressage on Dunhollywoddstyle (71.486%) for Open high score, Leslie Carpenter riding Classical on Why Not Eddie (76.818%) for Amateur high score, and Elise Gardiner riding Classical on Kristen Valencia?s Ollie (69.937%) for Youth high score. They all received a gift certificate for a free class at any schooling show this year.

          A special hats-off to Barbara Burkhardt for her sponsorship for this show. Many thanks!

      • March 6, 2016 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • November 8, 2015 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

          The weather was amazing for the last NMDA schooling show of the season! And what great riders and lovely horses!

          It was a special treat to watch Susan Reed and Jamaica Rain's Century Ride and their official induction into The Dressage Foundation's Century Club. (To become a member of the Century Club a rider must ride at a show, be judged, and the ages of the horse and rider equal 100 years). Susan has owned Jamaica since conception. The pair earned a score of 74.063 on their Intro B ride.

          Winner of the Junior High Point Award sponsored by NMDA was Carson Brewer riding Mickey with a score of 60.625. This was his very first show!
          Winner of the Adult Amateur Award sponsored by Cherry Tree Farm was Missie Kimble riding Rebel with a score of 72.391.

          Thank you to all the participants, our wonderful judge, Ilyse Gold and the volunteers: Sarah Turner, Scribe; Winnie Fitch, Scorer; DJ Collins, Scorer (& much more); Emily Fitzgerald, Runner; John Collins, parking, gate (& much more); Roger Winfield, parking, gate; Cindy Kavan-Winfield, scheduling, gate.

      • September 27, 2015 Schooling Show at Santa Fe Rodeo Arena

          Cindy Begay, our judge, came down with the flu over the weekend, and Marybeth PerezSoto filled in last minute as judge, delegating show manager duties to Cathy Soller. Thanks to our many volunteers from Santa Fe helped make the show run smoothly:
          Arena Set-up: Cathy & Marc Soller, & Marybeth PerezSoto
          Judge Tent set-up: Maureen Mestas' husband
          Scribes: Heather Brady (am) & Charlotte Sandelin (pm)
          Lunch gofer: Nance Perkins
          Gate: Sara Cowan & Nancy Perkins
          Runner/general assistance: Edison Cooper & Rajani
          Office: Cathy Soller & Anne Sparks
          Scorer: Marc Soller
          The Army of Volunteers that took down Arena: Cathy & Marc Soller; Marybeth & JoseLuis PerezSoto; Jane & Fabio Chavez; James Annon,Charlotte Sandelin, Kathy Laird

      • September 19, 2015 Schooling Show at Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena

          The BFRA schooling show was so much fun! We had perfect weather for our wonderful participants and their beautiful horses! HUGE thanks to all our generous volunteers and much loved judge, Karin Lencyk. The volunteers were: Sarah Turner, Scribe; Ann Bresson, Scorer; Barbara Burkhardt, set up & take down arena; Lily Luman, set up & take down arena & office; Siri Kovlivek, set up arena; Emily Fitzgerald, set up & take down arena & office, gate, announcer, scorer; Roger Winfield, set up & take down arena & office, gate; Heidi Gober, runner; Dj Collins, runner, take down arena & office; John Collins, caller, take down arena & office; Karen Page, announcer, take down arena & office; Charlene Strickland, take down office; Marybeth Perez-Soto, pick up arena.

          Congratulations to all our riders on their great scores! Everyone did great! High Point Classical Dressage is Penny Sanders with a score of 70.750 for Intro C. High Point Western Dressage is Nance McManus with a score of 73.648 for Level 1 Test 2.

      • July 15, 2015 Schooling at Roy-El Morgan Farm, Española, NM

      • June 14, 2015 Schooling at Bryan Farm, Stanley NM

          What a great show and wonderful weather! Everyone, including the horses, loved riding at Bryan Farm. Thanks to all the volunteers, Judge Gilly Slayter, the participants, and especially Lori and Jack Bryan, our hardworking hosts! Our volunteers were Ann Bresson, Maria Davis, George Davis, Adrienne Curtin, Mandy Seavers, Alan Seavers, Cierra Kuiper, Megan Bos, Tom Ulik, Roger Winfield, Cindy Kavan-Winfield, Jack Bryan, Lori Bryan, Marty Bryan, & Nicole Bryan. Thanks to Barn Dogs of Santa Fe for donating prizes.

      • April 26, 2015 Schooling at Los Alamos County Fairgrounds

          A huge thanks to all our intrepid members, friends and volunteers today! An amazing job under difficult conditions. Many thanks to NMDA president Cindy and #1hubbie Roger for helping, Gilly for enduring the cold day of judging, Heather and her Watermelon Mt PC kids for braving the drive, Laura Worl Kober for organizing the NMDA show and, Cindy Winfield, Joanna Lee Casson and Holly Duke for scoring and office duty, Nancy Williams Ambrosiano for TD and office duty, Melissa and Dorothy for scribing, Donna Hayden and Pam Smith for barn assistance, Samara for the warm food and directions, and the marvelous Nancy MacIsaac for her usual equanimity under adverse conditions. A shout out to Brenna, Erin Kober and Caroline for their amazing work with their teams. Well done all! very proud!!!!
          Lisa Manzanares, Pony Club Rally Organizer

      • April 18, 2015 Schooling at Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena

      • March 29, 2015 Schooling Show at Enchanted Horse Dressage, Caballo NM

      • March 15, 2015 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

          The first NMDA show of the year was a huge success! Beautiful weather & a great turnout. Thanks to Laurel Peters for judging! Thanks to Ann Bresson for scribing!
          Hi point of the day was Leslie Carpenter riding Why Not Eddie with a score of 68.235 for First Level Test 3 Open. High Point Junior was Sonya Khmara riding Valentino owned by Karen Brown with a score of 66.590 for Training Level 3 Junior. Adult Amateur Hight Point was Kari Bovee riding Sweet Savanna Storm with a score of 65.192 for Training Level Test 2 and the winner of the $100 Cherry Tree Adult Amateur Prize.
          Congratulations to all!

      • November 9, 2014 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • Melonie Kessler Ride Re-ride Clinic September 20, 2014

          The ride re-ride show (and clinic the following day) was a super experience for all of us! It couldn't have been done without all the wonderful volunteers. Thank you to: Charlene Strickland (cleaning & set up), Jackie Cronenburg (scribe), Teresa Haine (scorer), Maribeth St. Cyr (scorer), Barbara Burkhardt (runner, arena set up, take down & more!), Tere Carr (gate), John Collins (gate & manure management), Emily Fitzgerald & Tesha Fitzerald (gate, manure management, arena set up & take down, stall cleaning, etc.) Tom Oller (arena take down), Marybeth Perez-Soto (arena take down), & Roger Winfield (too much to mention). And special thanks to Anne Sparks for the use of her beautiful facility and Mario for getting all the stalls ready & the beautiful grooming of the arenas!

      • September 7, 2014 Schooling Show at Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena

      • Juan Tomas Hounds Dressage Show, August 23, 2014

      • June 15, 2014 Schooling Show at Arrowhead Ranch, Sante Fe

      • May 18, 2014 Schooling Show at Vista Sandia

          Thank you to all the volunteers and participants of NMDA's May 18 schooling show! It was a lovely day with perfect weather. There were a lot of spectators enjoying the show also! Special thanks to:

            Cathy Soller - judge
            Maribeth Reising - scribe
            Emily Fitzgerald - arena set up, gate, scribe, packing up
            Ann Bresson - score/office
            Annie Magill - score/office
            Cara Johnson- score/office
            Barbara Burkhardt - score/office, arena set up & take down, gate
            Erin Schellinger & friend - arena take down
            Roger Winfield - arena set up & take down, gate, runner

            Congratulations to the winners of AA Training 1, 2 & 3. They received a $40 gift card from Dan's Boots & Saddles. (NMDA awards prizes to clases of 3 or more).
            Also receiving $40 gift cards from Dans were the junior & AA High Point winners.
            Congratulations to our Junior High Point winner of the day, Heather Gaudette riding Mediva with a score of 67.678 %, Training 2.
            Congratulations to our AA High Point winner of the day, Catherine Conran riding Glorianna HU with a score of 71.081%, First 2.

      • April 6, 2014 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • March 30, 2014 Schooling Show at Los Alamos

          Thanks to our volunteers!
            Laura Kober - Organizer, Office
            Lisa Reader - Co-Organizer
            Joanna Casson - Scheduling and Scoring
            Alida Vanetten - Trash, Programs, County reservations
            Lori Sledzik - Drag all arenas, scribe
            Dave Ramsey - Arena Set up and take down
            Cindy Kavan-Winfield - 5 Scorer - PM
            Emily Grasser (AM) Cindy's husband (PM) - Bit Check/ Gate Keeper
            Annie Magill - Gate Keeper
            Denise Ammodt - Medical Doctor
            Nancy Ambrosiano - TD
            Kirsten Fox - Publicity

      • November 3, 2013 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

            Greetings NMDA,
            Well another show season is in the books. Thanks to all who came to Cherry Tree Farm for the last show of 2013. The judge Cathy Soller and scribe Marie Kemmeren did an outstanding job. The volunteers again made the day: Winnie Fitch (gate), Ann Bresson (scorer), Cindy Ramsay (gate), Mary Jastrzemski (everything), Sharron Burge (runner), Rena and DJ (show managers), Chef Roger Winfield, and assistant John C. Thank you Cindy for lending Roger for the day from parking trailers to Chef; he did a great job.
            Congratulations to Emily Fitzgerald for high point junior division, and Rena Haynes won the $100 Cherry Tree Farm award for High Point AA division. Also all test winners with 3 or more participants were awarded saddle carriers donated by Cherry Tree Farm.
            We had wonderful weather, and everyone was very complimentary of the facility, footing, organization and the food. The rider turnout was fantastic with multiple junior riders, western riders, intro thru 3rd level riders from NMDA, over 50 rides total.
                DJ COLLINS

      • October 5, 2013 Chile Roast Dressage Schooling Show

      • August 18, 2013 Schooling Bosque Farm Rodeo Arena

            High Point of the day of August 18 Schooling Show: Tapainga Wells riding I'm a Panda Bear, in Western Dressage Basic 1, Junior, with a score of 72%!

            Sunday, August 18, was a hot day! The riders & horses were great sports & everyone did well. Big thank you to the volunteers & judge - special kudos for toughing out the heat:
            Judge: Barbara Burkhardt
            Scribe: Ann Bresson
            Runner: Terri Feldbusch
            Office/Co-manager: Winnie Fitch
            Scorer: Marie Kemmeren
            Gate: Roger Winfield
            Arena set up: Roger Winfield, Lily Luman, Elizabeth Hopkins, Siri Kovlavik, Barbara Burkhardt, John.
            Arena tear down: Desiree & Chase Wells, Kim & Toby Fredenburgh, Elizabeth Hopkins, Terri Feldbusch, Roger Winfield, Barbara Burkhardt

      • August 11, 2013 Schooling Show at Roy-el Morgan Farm, Espanola NM

      • July 21, 2013 Schooling Show at Luna Rosa

            High Point Awards:
            • Intro/Training Level (combined): 66.875 Gretel Underwood on Juanito for Intro A
            • First Level and Above: 66.500 Cynthia Begay on Shadow in the Mist for her Second Level Freestyle

            Thank you to all the volunteers: Ann Bresson who did a great job scribing and had to learn how to scribe freestyle and I-1 for the first time!!, Pam Henline and Cindy Ramsey who scored in the office, Ginny Boawn and Virginia Gredell who manned the warm-up and gate and our runner/helper, Emily Fitzgerald. Virginia also took some photos, so keep posted to hear when those are on the web site. Special appreciation to Louanne Sargent for providing an excellent facility. Thanks everyone!!!

            We had a visitor, Riley Lackey, from Oklahoma at the Luna Rosa show, a friend of one of our Members. Turns out she's a professional horse photographer and she has photos posted from the show. Riley asked me to pass this on and say that 10% of all orders received by midnight August 15th, 2013 will be donated to the New Mexico Dressage Association.
            Click Here to See and Order Pictures

      • June 2, 2013 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

            Congratulations for another successful schooling show event. The schooling show at Cherry Tree Farm went off without a hitch. The weather was great until the end, and did have a brief thunder storm which the staff, riders and horses handled gracefully. First off, thank you, judge James Reiderman and scribe Christa Marsh for a wonderful, and professional job. The scores were fair and comments constructive which will help everyone to improve. The volunteer staff scorer Ann Bresson, runner Emily Heglund, gate Teresa Heine, gate Cindy Ramsay all did a terrific job. The show directors Rena Haynes and DJ Collins had everything well organized. One hiccup, the food vendor didn't show, so John made a Costco run to take care of our staff.
            We really enjoyed the riders and variety of horses, which had some really great rides, including a fine group of Western Dressage riders. The last ride of the day was Amy Glenn on Luther, an Intermediate II test that was beautifully done. There was a moment when Luther had a little problem at the end of required 11 flying lead changes, most riders wouldn't recognized that the horse was trying, but Amy did and gave Luther a pat to say thanks for trying boy. Amy having that feel for her horse is one of many reasons she is a FEI rider. Our thanks to everyone for another really great day with our horses. Looking forward to seeing you all back in November. A special thanks to all our visitors!
                DJ Collins,
                Show Manager

      • Watermelon Mountain Pony Club Show, May 4 2013

      • April 27, 2013 Schooling Show at Los Alamos

      • April 21, 2013 Schooling Show

            Thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who were responsible for our show on April 21! Arena set up: Jose Luis Perez-Soto, Marybeth Perez-Soto & her brother Tim, & Lily Luman. Office, including setting it up, working all day, & taking it down: Barbara Burkhardt. Office & test caller; Mary Jastrzemski. Scribe: Ann Bresson. Scorer: Marie Kemmeren. Runner morning: Siri Kovlovac. Runner Afternoon: Andrea Mekeneny. Gate morning: Charlene Strickland. Gate afternoon: Dara Furgeson & Lily Luman. Special thanks to all of you who stayed after the show to help us take down the arena and office. Thank you to our judge, Joost Lammers.
            It was a great show with wonderful weather (well, except for a few gusts late in the afternoon)!
            Thanks to all our riders & their horses. They all did a super job!
            To view and/or purchase photos taken the day of the show by Caballo Bonito Photography, click here.

      • February 9, 2013 Schooling Show at Expo NM

      • November 4, 2012 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • October 14, 2012 Schooling Show at Bosque Farms Rodeo Arena

      • October 6, 2012 Chile Roast Dressage Schooling Show

      • September 9, 2012 Schooling Show at Santa Fe Equestrian Center

      • Juan Tomas Hounds Fun Show, August 19, 2012

      • August 5, 2012 Schooling at Roy-El Morgan Farm

      • June 10, 2012 Schooling Show at Luna Rosa

            Special thanks to the volunteers - Ginny Bowan, Ann Bresson, Lisa Darling, Pam Henline, Susan Loyer and Randi Phillips. And thanks also to the judge, James Reideman and his scribe, Christa Marsh. We also appreciate Louanne Sargent, owner of Luna Rosa Equestrian, for providing a beautiful facility for the show.

      • May 5, 2012 Schooling Show at Expo NM

      • April 21, 2012 Schooling Show at Los Alamos

      • April 15, 2012 Schooling Show at Vista Sandia

      • March 4, 2012 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

            Thanks to the judge and volunteers for making the show run smoothly:
              Jane Bagwell - judge
              DJ Collins - show manager, scorer, runner
              Rena Haynes - office, scorer
              Cindy Begay - scribe
              Winnie Fitch - gate, scorer
              Kelly Goatcher - gate
              Joachim Schwering - runner
              Terry - warmup
              John Collins - reader

      • February 11, 2012 Schooling at Expo New Mexico

            Thank you to the volunteers who made this show happen:
              Donald Simpson, Show Manager
              Ginny Boawn, Gate person
              Sara Miller, Runner, arena pick-up crew
              Janis White, Scorer
              Marie Kemmeren, Scribe
              John Collins, arena pick-up crew
              Edison Cooper, arena set-up crew

      • October 30, 2011 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • October 1, 2011 Chile Roast Dressage Schooling Show

      • September 25, 2011 Schooling Show at Bosque Farms

      • September 11, 2011 Schooling Show at Santa Fe Equestrian Center

      • Juan Tomas Hounds Fun Show, August 21, 2011

      • July 24, 2011 Schooling Show at Luna Rosa

      • March 20, 2011 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • October 31, 2010 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • The Shirley Rector Ride Re-Ride Clinic September 18 - 19

      • September 12, 2010 SchoolingShow at Vista Sandia Equestrian Park

      • Juan Tomas Hounds Fun Show, August 22, 2010

      • August 8, 2010 SchoolingShow at Taos Equestrian Center

      • July 11, 2010 Schooling Show at Luna Rosa

      • June 26, 2010 AHANM Dressage Training Show

      • June 20, 2010 Schooling Show at Cherry Tree Farm

      • May 16, 2010 Schooling Show at Luna Rosa

      • May 1, 2010 Watermelon Mountain Pony Club USEF Practice tests

      • April 18, 2010 Schooling Show at Bosque Sports Complex

      • March 21, 2010 Schooling Show At Cherry Tree Farm, with pictures!

      • November 1, 2009 Schooling Show At Cherry Tree Farm

      • 2009 Chile Roast Sport Horse Fiesta

      • The Shirley Rector Ride Re-Ride Clinic August 15 - 16

      • August 9 Show at Taos Equestrian Center

      • July 12 Show at Luna Rosa, with pictures!

      • June 9 Show

      • May 17 Show at Luna Rosa

      • April 26 Show

      • March 1 Show

      • February 8 Show